Inbound vs outbound lead generation


Lead generation is such a vital process for every business, it’s natural to question which techniques provide the best results. Inbound and outbound strategies each take a totally different approach to discovering new business opportunities, but which approach build the most effective strategy?

This infographic is the perfect place to start, weighing up the best and worst elements of these key processes, ensuring your business maximizes on the right channels for lead generation success. Understand inbound and outbound, and how they feed into a winning lead generation strategy. Download for free today!

What is Lead Forensics?

Offering a groundbreaking approach to business lead generation, Lead Forensics identifies the businesses visiting your website and provides key decision maker’s contact details for an impactful and instant follow-up. Unlock the true potential of your website, gaining more engaged, high-quality leads than ever before!

The Lead Forensics software can tell you:

  • Visiting businesses’ name and location, in real time
  • Contact details for key decision makers, including email addresses
  • Full visitor journey analysis featuring referrals, pages viewed and duration

Over 10,000 organizations use Lead Forensics to revolutionize their search for new business opportunities. Find out more- book your free demo today!


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