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B2B sales is no easy ride, no matter how good your team is, you’ll always have room for improvements. But sometimes, it’s not clear what areas are lacking, so ask the right questions:

  • What is my sales velocity?
  • What does this mean for my sales team?
  • How can we get more customers, worth more money?
  • How can we close quicker sales?
  • How can we maximize on every sales lead? 
  • How can Lead Forensics help?

Use this free sales velocity calculator to help you find the answers. When you know this figure, you can see intricately what areas of your sales process need improvement, and how you can use your strengths to better your weaknesses.

Download it today and get started - you’ll soon revolutionize the way your B2B sales team operates.

How does Lead Forensics help B2B sales lead generation? ? 

Lead Forensics is currently helping over 10,000 organizations globally improve their sales velocity. We do this by attaching our product code to a website, and tracking the IP addresses of those visiting that website. We own the largest IP address database in the world and use it to match these tracked IPs to the businesses that own them, thus identifying anonymous website traffic.

Lead Forensics can tell you:

  • Which businesses are visiting your website
  • Contact details for key decision makers, including phone number and email
  • Details of their visit- where they came from and what they looked at
Claim your free demo and no obligation trial of Lead Forensics today! 

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